Awards in Photographic competitions

The following short table lists awards I have received in photographic competitions.
2011 CPAGB award
2014 PSA Honorable mention for "Handstand" in the exhibition "Donna E"
2015 Diploma from ARTFOTOGallery 2015 Brcko for "Handstand"
2015 UPI Honorable mention for "Mermaid" from the Greek Circuit in Santotini
2016 AFIAP award
2017 PAGB Bronze Medal at St Ives Interprint for "Zara in White"
2017 PSA Honorable mention for "Zara in White" from the print salon Varna
2017 PSA Honorable Mention for "The Teacher" from Ohrid 2017
2018 EFIAP award
2018 FIAP Honorable mention for "Reclining together" from Lege in the French Digital Tour
2020 Salon Honorable mention for "Supplication" in the Tour Circuit in Kula
2021 Gradac Honorable Mention for "Thoughts at Bedtime" from The Snowy Circuit in Mlandost.
2021 PSA Honorable Mention for "A Cozy Jumper" from S-Kadar
2021 Certificate of Merit from judging 1 in The Frost Circuit in India