Following my attempt at CPAGB in 2011, I took the highest scoring images and added some new ones from this season.

Shadow Dancer scored 19 in 2010's adjudication.

In 2011 it scored 22

Individualist scored 20 in 2010's adjudication.

In 2011 it scored 18

Senglia bascilica scored 22 in 2010's adjudication.

In 2011 it scored 23

Stretching Nude scored 23 in 2010's adjudication and was selected for the EAF's 2010 Exhibition.

In 2011 it scored 22

Back Lit had no title and was just too new for entry to the 2010 adjudication. However, it scored 10/10 in the club's first monthly competition, despite not being picked to represent the club at all during this season. It got into the club's exhibition with 18 points out of 20.
It received a 9 in the EAF Exhibition judging.

In 2011 it scored 18

"Business is slow" was taken in an empty warehouse which was the model's home in Whitlesea. The idea came from a very sucessful image which won an award at the Brothehood cup Called "Who's taking you home?", with some influence from Barbie Lindsay's work. Originally shot with a studio flash in view of the camera, this was replaced by a lamp post shot in Malta. The wall against which the model is standing was darkened considerably so as to fit in with the theme. It represented the club in a few competitions.
It scored 12 in the EAF club competition on 13th February. This was the same score as Shirley's "Ray of Sunshine" which was awarded a commendation in the 2009 EAF exhibition. In the club's exhibition it did not score highly but did get into the exhibition with some bad marks on the print from spray mount. It scored badly in the EAF Exhibtion and came back with a bad scratch to the base of the print.
It will needed to be reprinted yet again before it went to Leighton Buzzard.

In 2011 it scored 17

Page Three Artist was taken in June 2010 at The Photo Studio, Essex and the model is Becky Essex. The hand is mine and I was playing with a mono/colour graduation and thought how a drawn image would first be drawn then coloured in. Though I like the idea, it has not been shown in competition as there was no space in the club's calendar. It scored 16 in the club's exhibition - barely high enough to get accepted.
It scored 9 in the EAF exhibition.

In 2011 it scored 14 and almost elimnated me from getting a CPAGB.

Diagonal nude was taken with a 19mm lens on a full-frame camera. I entered it in a club competition and Jim Hartje said that it did not work due to not enough contrast, so this one has had the contrast enhanced at the expense of detail in the shadows. he agreed that the blurring of the back focus was a good idea. It has been picked to represent the club in it's present incarnation but did not get shown at the EAF Club competition as we did not get through the first round. It barely scraped into the club's exhibition with 15 points.
Following Naomi's comments that the face was not sharp and that she would have like to see the face sharp or everything blurred, I have reworked the original image to play less on the hand and more on the face and hair. This brings the centre of interest to the golden mean. It is still a "2 or a 10" image in it's appeal.
The original version scored 9 at the EAF.

In 2011 it scored 21

Lady with fan was shot only a week after diagonal nude against a blue background. Reg Roberson shared the shoot and his "Bright eyes" from the same session has also represented the club. The background is part of the Casa Rocca Piccola, a grand house in Merchant's street, Valletta (with some manipulation). It has represented the club in inter-club competition and scored 11 in the EAF club championships. At the worst, two of the three judges thought it worthy of a 4. In the St Ives Interprint it scored a creditable 7. In the club's exhibition it scored 17.
In the EAF it scored 10.

In 2011 it scored 20

I saw a picture in Tallin, Estonia, which was a nude solarised, and thought that the artist had something, but I thought I could improve on it. A month later we had Heather (Back Lit above) back at the club and I took 10 minutes of the session to take this shot, very nearly as visualised. As such I paid 3 times the session fee that I charged the others, but I thought it was worth it. It has been selected to represent the club and scored 9.5/10 in the monthly competition. The version has been reprinted and looks much better than the one shown at the club IMHO.
At the EAF club championships it scored a disappointing 9. Another set of judges - another score? In the St Ives Interprint it scored a creditable 7. In the club's exhibition it scored 18 - just outside the awards.
In the EAF exhibtion it scored 9 but I think the back mount to the one which was in the club's exhibition sets it off better and I used that one.

In 2011 it scored 22

At the end of the judging I had 197 points. Any near misses have their under-20 point pictures rescrutinised to see it the judges were perhaps a point or two hard on them. Don't let anyone tell you this is the easy option as it could give you ulcers while this process is going on. Avoid any images you think may give you less than 18 points!