International Exhibitions

In 2013 I had my first acceptance for an international exhibition in Serbia. It was for a picture I had entered as a "filler", thinking that other pictures I had entered were better. It goes to show that you never can tell exactly what a judge (or panel of judges) will think. Two of the pictures that did not get into this exhibition have had acceptances in other exhibitions since.
Aira Force

Encouraged by the first acceptance, I started entering more exhibitions. I entered an Italian exhibition called "Donna E" ("Woman is") and had 3 acceptances, including an honorable mention for "Handstand".
going for the gate
Sweet Music

In June there was an exhibition created at short notice in Serbia to raise money for Paracin, a village which had had a severe flood. I entered a number of new images and had "steampunk" accepted.

At this point I started to think about the AFIAP qualification criteria. Looking at them, I realised that I would have to start entering some of my images into several exhibitions so that I could score a minimum of three acceptances for a minimum of 5 pictures. I'd also have to get at least 4 print acceptances, increase the number of countries and the number of salons on my way to 40 acceptances in international exhibitions. Up untill now I had been content to get one acceptance for a picture and then retire it, so I had to have a big change in direction.

I entered a French exhibition called "Le Catalan" and started entering some of the pictures which had already either had acceptances or just missed. The result was that "Picture of a Room" and "Jess" were accepted.
picture of a room

The exhibition "Art Balance" in Serbia, which had seen my first acceptance, came round again at the end of the year. The previous year "handstand" had just missed, but this year it was accepted along with a new image called "mermaid".

At around the same time as I entered "Art balance" I also tried the French Digital Tour, thinking that having 4 juries might increase my chances of getting acceptances. The result was that "handstand" secured it's third acceptance, "Steampunk" had two acceptances, placing it also in my list of pictures with 3 acceptances, and "Picture of a Room" and "Jess" both got their second acceptances.
However, in my quest to get more images with multiple acceptances, "mermaid" was squeezed out of my selection of entries.

2015 Results from Prague arrived 22nd January. "Handstand" and "Lottie" were accepted.

Results came in from the Greek Photo Circuit on 13th Feburary.
There were seven acceptances including an honorable mention for "Mermaid" and three acceptances for "Tattooed Lady". The other acceptances were one for "mermaid", one for "Picture of a room", and one for "Sweet Music".
Tattooed lady

Results from Port Talbot were an acceptance for "Handstand" and several near misses (Lottie, Jess and Mermaid).

Results from Torretes (Calella. Spain) were an acceptance for tattoed lady and one for "Mermaid".

Results from Portrait 2015 (Serbia and Bulgaria) arrived on 15th and 16th March. Jess was entered in the hope of getting a third acceptance, Lottie for a second and maybe third, Tattooed lady and Steampunk to try to make sure of at least one acceptance, and the other eight to try to increase the number of different images. No acceptances were recieved from Paracin, Zajecar, or Vidin but Aleksinac accepted "Neptune's Handmaiden".
Neptune's handmaiden

Results from HAN PIJESAK 2015 (Bosnia and Herzegovina) arrived on their web site on 12th April. Handstand and Tattooed Lady had acceptances along with one for a new image In the Dark - an image from a shoot with Becca on a studio night in March 2014.
In the dark

On 15th April the PAGB Newsletter gave details of the changes that FIAP are bringing in to the criteria. There will be a 15% cap on acceptances from any one country. This means that only 6 of my 7 acceptances from France and Greece will be allowed to count towards the number of acceptances I have, so my count of 30 acceptances effectively decreased by 2. *** On 5th May I got the full details and one of my acceptances for "Steampunk" does not count for the portfolio images as it was from the same effective salon.

On 28th April the results of Sant Just arrived and Neptune's Handmaiden and Tattooed lady were both accepted, but no new works.

On 4Th may I had the results from the Midland Salon and had 2 prints accepted - "Mermaid" and "Thinking of you".
Thinking of you

Results from the Great British Small Prints came in from individual salons. Hoylake accepted "Handstand".
"Jess", "mermaid", Handstand" and "Tattooed lady" were accepted in the Solway Salon.
Carlisle accepted "Blond Girl", "Jess" and "handstand".
The acceptance for Jess brought me back to having 5 images with 3 or more acceptances (Steampunk does not count under the revised rules due to 2 acceptances in the French Digital tour).
Blond Girl

The results from the first Varna print salon appeared on their web site on 26th May. I had acceptances for 4 prints - Lottie, Sarah, Scream Freedom, and Tattooed Lady. This brought me up to fulfilling all the requirements for AFIAP.
Scream Freedom

On 17th June I had word back from Photoclub BOR in Serbia. I had acceptances for Neptune's Handmaiden (making 3 acceptances for this one), Scream Freedom, and Backlit nude.
Backlit nude

On the same day the results appeared for Nude Award 2015 (Czech Republic) and Lottie gaine her third acceptance.

On 5th October I got word that "Thinking of you" had been accepted at Swansea.

On 9th October I had results back from Artfoto Circuit (Bosnia). "Mermaid" was accepted into all three salons, "Neptune's Handmaiden" was acepted in BRCKO DC, "Can't we talk" was accepted in BRCKO DC, "Kitty" was accepted in BRCKO DC, "Backlit nude" was accepted in BIJELJINA and BRCKO DC, "handstand" was accepted in BIJELJINA and BRCKO DC, "Sarah" was accepted in BRCKO DC, "Steampunk" was accepted in BIJELJINA, and "Thinking of you" was accepeted in BIJELJINA and HAN PIJESAK.
When the results appeared on their web site, Handstand had been awarded an Honorable Mention at Brcko.
Can't we talk?

On 12th October I had results from Woman Strakonice in Check republic. There were acceptances for Pole position, Someone will pay for this, Sarah,Scream freedom, and Siren. Three of these were first acceptances.
Pole position
Someone will pay for this

On 7th November I got results back from ISO2015 in Belgium. new images Ethereal Annie and a very old image that I had never entered in an international (Viktoria redesigns Herself) were accepted along with Pole Position and Picture of a Room.
Ethereal Annie
Viktoria redesigns Herself

On 14th November the results from a circuit in Montenegro and Serbia were published on the web. In Kotor "thinking of you", "Someone will pay for this", "Steampunk" and "Sarah and her Necklace" were accepted. In Podgorica "Pole position", "Someone wil pay for this","Kitty", and "Tattooed Lady" were accepted. In Kula I had acceptances for "Calculating", "Lottie", "Sarah and her Necklace", and "Siren". In Aleksinac I had acceptances for "Leap in the dark", "mermaid", "Pole position", "Scream freedom", "Someone will pay for this", "Kitty", and "tattooed lady".
Sarah and her necklace
Leap in the dark

On 22nd November I heard from Smethwick. I had "mermaid" and "tattooed lady" accepted as prints. and "Neptune's handmaiden", "Ethereal Annie", "Scream Freedom", and "Pole position" accepted as DPIs.

On 28th November I heard from "Art Balance", the salon which started my quest off in the first place. I find it hard to get accepatnces in this exhibition and only got 2 this time, "Someone will pay for this" and "Neptune's handmaiden".

On 15th December there were new updates to the criteria for the awards published. Details are still not clear, but the cap on 15% of the images coming from any one country has been scrapped. This means that nearly 40 of the acceptances that were not going to count would count after all under the revised new rules.

On 4th January 2016 I sent off my application for AFIAP. Apart from (hopefully) formally being granted this, the road to AFIAP is finished. Further travels upon this road will be documented in my EFIAP page.
Criteria needed for AFIAP
Criterion quantity achieved to end 2014 to 16th June 2015 criteria met
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 40 14 50 100% - see above
Number of photographs 15 8 17 100+%
Number of salons 15 6 18 100+%
Number of countries 8 3 10 100%
Number of Prints 4 0 11 250%
Number of entries with 3 or more acceptances 5 2 7 100%

Completed requirements!

News of the award bring successful (dated 1st June 2016) was received on 23rd June.

Criteria needed for EFIAP (after gaining AFAIP)
Criterion quantitiy achieved to May 2015 to date criteria met
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 250 46 101 40%
Number of photographs 50 16 27 54%
Nummber of salons 30 16 27 90%
Number of countries 20 10 12 60%
Number of different images with Prints acceptances 12 requirement changed from print acceptances to images with print acceptances 9 75%
Number of entries with 3 or more acceptances 5 (over AFIAP) 0 10 100%
Number of Awards 2 0 0 0%