What Next

In January I applied for EFIAP/b. If all goes well I should get the award in June 2022, but this is not a given.
If FIAP go ahead with the changes as outlined in February 2021 it will be much harder to go further.
  1. the number of new images from EFIAP/b to EFIAP/s will be 100 - with no use of the images and acceptances gained on the way to the bronze.
  2. Extra awards gained from the bronze will not count towards the silver award.
  3. Only 5 acceptances will count for each image. Considering that I had over 20 acceptances for one of my images before it got an award, this could be a problem.
  4. In addition to the above, there must be 250 new acceptances.
The double whammy of more images and fewer acceptances per image to count more than doubles the work to get the acceptances. There is another increase in number of countries for the acceptances to come from, but that was laughably low before.
When ititially announced, there was a dispensation of being able to use the old rules for a year or two.
  1. 300 aceptances to include the ones for EFIAP/b.
  2. 100 images to include those for EFIAP/b.
  3. 5 new awards to include those gained but not used for the bronze application.
For me this would mean only another 29 images, 4 awards and 20 acceptances. The countries are far exceeded already. If you look at the maths, the acceptances would have to be more than the minimum in order to accomodate the new images required. The problem is:-
It took me 3 1/2 years to produce 71 accepted images to get to the bronze award. 29 new images might just be possible in one year at a push (Covid restictions not applying).
I had 5 awards in these 3 1/2 years, so 4 should take 3 years, which is more than the transition period.

I'm still making up my mind but the next lot of results will be found here.