International Exhibitions

To January 2016 I had had 101 acceptances to international exhibitions. One circuit had 4 acceptances without titles. I informed them of the missimg titles and what they should be, but I suspect that these will have been reported to FIAP as untitled and will not count.
EDIT 6/2/16 Worse than that, they were deleted from the CD as if they had never been accepted.
On 18th January 2016 I had results back from PHOTOArt Prague. I find it hard to get acceptances in Czech republic and this was no exception. I had two acceptances, one for Pole Position and one for Emily, which this is the first acceptance for.

On 27th January 2016 I had results back from the Holland International Circuit. Tribute to Colour accepted "Mermaid", Delft accepted "Emily", "Mermaid",and "Ethereal Annie", Wageningen accepted "Emily","Mermaid","Viktoria redesigns herself", "Ethereal Annie", "Handstand", "Pole position", and "Someone will pay for this", Rijen accepted "Ethereal Annie", and Epic accepted "Emily" and "Ethereal Annie".

On 16th February I had the results from Bristol. Only one acceptance (for Emily), but another 4 images were only one point away.

On 19th February the results of the Greek Circuit were available on their web site. Santorini accepted "Direct gaze", "Ethereal Annie" and "Pole position", Crete accepted "Pole position", Rhodos accepted "Ethereal Annie" and "Pole position" and Mykonos accepted "Ethereal Annie" and "Pole position".
Direct Gaze

On 7th March I got my report card from Southampton. I had not been expecting a great result so was delighted that I had print acceptances for "handstand", "Lottie", "Tattooed lady" and "Mermaid" as well as a PDI aceptance for "Neptune's Handmaiden" and "Sarah and her necklace".

On 24th March the results from the circuit "Portrait 2016" were posted and I had Acceptances from all 4 salons. From Zajecar (Serbia) I had only "Pole position" accepted, from Konya (Turkey) I had "Celtic beauty", "Emily","Pole position", and "Ethereal Annie", from Vienna (Austria) I had "Becky's blue glasses", "My eyes are on you","Emily",and "Pole Position", and from Vidin (Bulgaria) I had "Emily","Pole position", and "Someone will pay for this".
Becky's blue glasses
My eyes are on you
Celtic beauty

On 11th April the results from the circuit "MNS PBK" were posted and I had acceptances from all 3 salons. From Podgorica I had acceptances for "Ann Marie", "Emily", "My eyes are on you", "Sarah", "Leap in the dark", "tattooed Lady", "mermaid",and "Someone will pay for this". From Budva I had acceptances for "Sarah", "Leap in the dark", and "Tattooed Lady". From Kotor I had acceptances for "My eyes are on you", "Sarah", "Leap in the dark",and "mermaid".
Ann Marie

On 17th May the results came back from Varna, where I had only entered 4 images. I had acceptances for "Pole Position" and for "Nude in the window".
Nude in the window

On 17th May the results came back from The Solway Salon of the GB Small Prints circuit. Only "Emily" was accepted at Solway. Hoylake accepted "Emily", "Neptune's handmaiden", "Ethereal Annie", "Pole position", and "Someone will pay for this". Carlisle accepted "Becky's blue glasses".

On 21st June I had results back from "Love Story", a Russian exhibition. I had acceptances for "Scream Freedom", "Can't we talk?", and "Thinking of you".

On 25th June the results came from "6 Euro" in Hungary and I had acceptances for "Viktoria redesigns herself" and "Pole Position".

On 27th June I got results from SWAPI (France) with acceptances for "Can't we talk?" and "Eve and the apple".
Eve and the apple

On 16th August, after a "dry spell", I had only two acceptances from the circuit "Acruvium", both for "Nude in the Window". There were 14 cases where I scored just one point short of acceptance, which suggests that I was a bit unlucky.

On 2nd September I got results from Luxemburg, where I had only entered 4 images. "Approaching gate 22" was accepted, giving me another country and another image to my totals.
aproaching gate 22

On 20th November, I had results back from the MNE SER circuit. I was dissapointed with only having acceptances for "Two for One" in Cattaro and Kula, "Nude in the Window" in Kula, and "Nude in the doorway" in Kula with no acceptances elsewhere.
two for one nude in the doorway

On the same day I had one acceptance from Smethwick for "Approaching Gate 22".

On the 5th December I had word back from the Salon "Photo Artist" that "Emily" had been accepted. This Salon is in Switzerland, which is a new country for me.

On 6th December the French Digital Tour results came through. I had acceptances for "Zara in White" from St Aignan de Cramesil and St Martin de Crau and for "Six zaras" from St martin de Crau.
Zara in white six Zaras

On 28th December the results came through for the FKNS winter circuit. "Approaching gate 22" was accepted into Podgorica, Kotor and Aleksinac. "Zara in White" was accepted into Novi Sad. "Six Zaras" was accepted into Podgorica and Kotor. "Friends" was accepted into Podgorica and "In the fireplace" was accepted into Kotor.
In the Fireplace Friends

On 29th December the results came through from Ohrid, a salon in Macedonia. I had one acceptance for "Determination", which completed the requirement for different countries.

On 14th February the results came from Kumanovo in Macedonia. One image was accepted, "Jesse", which was named "Jasse" in the results sheet.

On 19th February results came back from the Greek Circuit. "Two for one" was accepted by Crete and Rhodos, "The teacher" was accepted by Crete and Mykonos, "Nude in the Window" was accepted by Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodos and "Zara in white" was accepted in Rhodos.
The Teacher

On 10th March results came back from "Portrait 2017". "Zara in White" had acceptances in Zajecar and Haifa, "Aproaching gate 22" was accepted in Zajecar, and "Costermonger" was accepted in Vienna.

On 3rd April 2017 the results of the BG Small prints 2017 were announced. Carlisle accepted "Zara in White", "Latex in the Library", and "Nude in the doorway". Penrith accepted "Ice Cold maiden", and "Sarah and Friend". Solway accepted "Aproaching gate 22", and Latex in the Library".
Sarah and friend
ice cold maiden
latex in the library

On 10th April results came back from the MNE PBK circuit. I was disappointed to only get 7 acceptances from a potential of 60. Podgorica accepted "The teacher" and "Stretching", Budva accepted "Can't we talk?" and "Time on her hands". Koptor accepted "Em with perals", "The teacher", and "Blue damsels".
Em with Pearls
Time on her hands
Blue Damsels

On 12th April I saw that I had one acceptance in the Swedish Small Prints for "Latex in the Library".

On 3rd May I had the results from the Scottish Salon and had acceptances for "Zara in White" and "Emily".

On 9th May Cheltenham accepted "Emily".

On 5th June 2017, while on holiday in Cyprus,I found out that Gradac had accepted "aproaching Gate 22","Blue Damsels", "The Teacher", "Can't we talk?",and "Nude in the Window".

On 10th June 2017 I found out that Varna Print and Digital Salon had accepted "Standing in the Window", "In Half light", "Latex in the Library", "Stretching", "Aproaching Gate 22", and gave an Honorable Mention to "Zara in White".
standing in the window
in half light

On 9th July the Midland Salon sent me the results that "Nude in the Window" and "Stretching" had been accepted and three other images were just a point away from being accepted.

On 12th July results came back from the Danube circuit. I had chosen images which had never been accepted in any of the 4 countries before, so I was not expecting a very good result and I was not altogether surprised when I had only 5 acceptances. Romania and Belarus accepted "Ethereal Annie", Serbia and Bulgaria accepted "Nude in the Window" and Serbia accepted "Latex in the Library".

While waiting for the results to First Impression, I checked my previous Indian Salon (Digital Artwork Foundation - FIAP number 2016/387) and found that I had had one acceptance for "Aproaching gate 22". However, the FIAP database does not record this salon as having taken place, so this result will probably not count. EDIT FIAP did receive the report file, so this does count.

On 23rd July First Impression (India) accepted "Zara in White", "Latex in the Library" and "Nude in the Window".

On 9th August results came in from Palanga in Lithuania. I had acceptances for "Ice cold Maiden", "In half light","Can't we talk?", "Stretching", and "the Teacher".

On 30th August I had a single acceptance for "Stretching" from the Welsh International Salon.

On 9th September the results from Photo Journey came through and I had only "In half light" accepted. Previously it was in monochrome, but this time it was the colour version.

On 11th September I had results back from "Citadela 2017". I had acceptances for "Can't we talk?" and "In half light" (mono version).

October 1st brought results from VOJVODINA. a circuit in Serbia and Montenegro. Wanting only an award, I was disappointed to get only 8 acceptances. 'In half light' was accepted in Budva, Kotor, and Podgorica. 'Nude in the doorway' was accepted in Kotor, 'The Empty Corridor' was accepted in Kotor and Novi Sad. 'Sarah and Friend' and Jasse' were accepted in Kula.
the empty corridor

On 21st november results came back from the Olympic circuit. Aphrodite salon accepted "sarah and friend", Hermes accepted "Coming to the gate" and "Stretching", and Apollo accepted "can't we talk?" and "Sarah and Friend".
coming to the gate

On 19th November 2017 Smethwick accepted Zara in White.

On 4th December I heard from the French Digital Tour.
St Martin de Crau accepted Coming to the gate and In Half light.
Lege accepted Nude in the Window, Stretching, and The empty Corridor.
St Aignan de Cramesnil accepted Coming to the gate and Stretching.
Bagnois Marcoule accepted Nude in the Window, Stretching and The black Swan.
The Black Swan

On 9th December I heard from the Salon Photo Artist. In half light, Coming to the gate, and Sarah and Friend were accepted.

On 29th December I opened the web site for Ohrid in Macedonia. In monochrome I had "a dark profile" accepted. In man/woman I had "in half light accepted". In Portraits "sarah, Lottie" and "The teacher" were accepted and "The Teacher" had a PSA HM - giving me the final award I needed for an EFIAP application.
a dark profile

On the same day I had word back from the FKNS circuit. "A dark profile" was accepted in Podgorica, Kula,and Aleksinac. "Lady in Waiting" was accepted in Podgorica and Kotor. "Hair toss" was accepted in Novi Sad and "Girl in a white Skirt" was accepted in Aleksinac.
hair toss
lady in waiting
Girl in a white skirt

Criteria needed for EFIAP (after gaining AFAIP)
Criterion quantity to AFIAP application to date criteria met date acheived
Number of entries with 3 or more acceptances 5 (over AFIAP) 0 30 100% 11/4/2016
Number of different images with Prints acceptances 12 requirement changed from print acceptances to images with print acceptances 24 (15?) 100% 17/5/2016
Number of salons 30 16 70 100% 2/9/2016
Number of countries 20 10 28 100% 29/12/2016
Number of photographs 50 16 62 100% 10/4/2017
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 250 46 293 100% 30/8/2017
Number of Awards not on AFIAP CD 2 0 2 100% 29/12/2017