International Exhibitions

After attaining all the necessary awards and acceptances to get bronze, the next step would be to get to silver. It is unclear whether the transition period for the changes announced would still exist and how long they would continue to exist.
I decided to take things a bit easier and enter fewer salons just for the fun of it.

My first result was an acceptance from a salon called SOP in India. My sole acceptance there was "Holly".

on 8th March Portrait2022 results were posted on the web. In Zajecar (Serbia) They accepted Thoughts at bedtime, which was also accepted in Vidin (Bulgaria). Longing for the return was accepted in Vienna and Vidin. and Red Haired Beauty was accepted in Vidin.

On 11th July Portugal accepted "Red Haired Beauty".

On 27th July results came back from the Kula SLM Circuit. Serbia rejected everything, Luxembourg accepted "A Sad farewell","Red Haired Beauty",""Portrait of a redhead",and "Thoughts at bedtime", while Portugal accepted "Portrait of a Redhead" and Thoughts at bedtime".

Criteria needed for EFIAP/s
Changes introduced in 2022 . Some of these might not be correct as we only saw the draft rules and I found some ambiguity in them.
Criterion quantity (old rules) to date criteria met date acheived quantity (new rules) to date criteria met date acheived
Number of countries 10 33 100%
Number of photographs 100 72 72% 100 1 1%
Number of awards from different salons in different countries 5 1 20%
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 300 295 98% 250 5 2%