International Exhibitions

After attaining all the necessary awards and acceptances to get bronze, the next step would be to get to silver. It is unclear whether the transition period for the changes announced earlier would still exist and how long they would continue to exist. EDIT In January these changes were cancelled.
I decided to take things a bit easier and enter fewer salons just for the fun of it.

My first result was an acceptance from a salon called SOP in India. My sole acceptance there was "Holly".

on 8th March Portrait2022 results were posted on the web. In Zajecar (Serbia) They accepted Thoughts at bedtime, which was also accepted in Vidin (Bulgaria). Longing for the return was accepted in Vienna and Vidin. and Red Haired Beauty was accepted in Vidin.

On 11th July Portugal accepted "Red Haired Beauty".

On 27th July results came back from the Kula SLM Circuit. Serbia rejected everything, Luxembourg accepted "A Sad farewell","Red Haired Beauty",""Portrait of a redhead",and "Thoughts at bedtime", while Portugal accepted "Portrait of a Redhead" and Thoughts at bedtime".

On 2nd September "Bon Voyage 2022" results were published and "A Far Away Gaze", "A Sad Farewell", and "Red Haired Beauty" were all accepted. Unfortunately, no new images were accepted.

On 13th Sepetember results came back from Gold Camera 2022 in Montenegro. "Alone in the Dark" and "Leaping Over the Light" were accepted.
Alone in the Dark
Leaping Over the Light

Results came back from the NPS PLS circuit on 14th October and only two acceptances were recorded. Portigal accepted "A Cozy Jumper" and Serbia accepted "Hands Down".
Hands Down

Results from ISO 2012 arrived on 22 October and I had only one acceptance - "Lottie and her Imaginary Pet" in the creative section.
Lottie and her Imaginary Pet

On 19th November The Olympic Circuit results arrived. "Red Haired Beauty" was accepted by The Zeus salon, Aphrodite salon and Hermes salon. "Alone in the Dark" and "Lottie and her Imaginary Pet" were accepted into the Aphrodite salon.

On 28th November I had word back from the French Digital Tour. "A Far away gaze" was accepted into Lege, St Martin de Crau, and Bagnols Marcoule. "Alone in the Dark" was accepted into St Aignande Cramesnil. "Hands Down" was accepted into Lege and Bagnols Marcoule. "Leaping over the Light" was accepted into St Aignan de Crau.

On 10th February results came from Unlimited Photo. Acceptances were for "Alone in the dark","Do You Mind if I take my Coat off?","Hands Down" and "Leaping Over the Light".
Do you mind if I take my coat off

On 13th february I heard that "Leaping over the Light" had been accepted into Bristol.

On 9th April (Easter Sunday) results were posted from Lisboa. "Do you mind if I take my coat off?", "Leaping over the light", and "Fretters" were all accepted.

On 22nd April results came back from Quillat. "Leaping Over the Light", "Seated Nude", and "Was our Last Supper OK?" were accepted. "Was Our last supper OK?" was in the creative section. I had shot a "Last Supper" shot with becca but it was too long to use on it's own so I used it as a background to a cut-down version with only 3 of the Beccas. For the sake of viewing this web site I have reduced the size of the images from those submitted to the exhibition to half.
Seated Nude
Was Our Last Supper OK?"

Results from Colombo (Sri Lanka) came back on 8th May and only "Alone in the Dark" was accep[ted.

The Colombia circuit on 26th May only produced two acceptances :- "Roy" in Bangladesh and "Totally Relaxed" in Chile. Almost all of the images entered were work that was new or previously not accepted.
Totally relaxed"

The circuit "VOJVODINA" in Serbia had only three acceptanccs, "Magnificent Malificent" in Novi Sad and "Totally Relaxed" in Kula and in Aleksinac, where it recieved an HM.
"Magnificent Malificent"

On 10th July I heard back from the Midland Salon. "Infra red Landscape" was accepted. To get selected at least one of the three judges had to give an image maximum points (i.e. It was worth an award in his/her opinion)!
"Infra red Landscape"

I entered the DPW summer circuit in the hope that I'd get a few new images accepted. My favourite image of these was rejected but Novi sad accepted "Contemplative Nude", "Hannah with Red Beret" and "Wide Eyed and lovely". Kula accepted "I see the Light".
"wide eyed and lovely"
"Hannah with red beret"
I see the light
Contemplative nude

On 4th September I recieved word that "Totally Relaxed" had been acceoted in POKROVA PHOTOVERNISSAGE in Ukraine.

On 10th September the results of and exhibition in Turkey (Ilyas Yilgor) were posted and I had "that Faraway Gaze" accepted.
"that Faraway Gaze"

On 20th September I was informed that "Wrapped in a Sheepskin" was accepted to Gold Camera in Montenegro.
"Wrapped in a Sheepskin"

On 21st September results came from The Colombian Grand Circuit. Colombia and Bangladesh both accpted "Emerging from the Shadows". Colombia also accepted "Maleficent on a Rug" and Bangladesh also accepted "Wrapped in a Sheepskin".
"Emerging from the Shadows"
"Maleficent on a Rug"

Criteria needed for EFIAP/s
Criterion quantity to date criteria met date acheived
Number of countries 10 37 100% 4/12/2018
Number of photographs 100 92 92%
Number of awards from different salons in different countries 5 2 40%
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 300 342 100% 13/9/2022