International Exhibitions

After attaining the EFIAP criteria for awards, the next step is to go for the EFIAP Bronze award. The acceptances for this have to be images not used in the submission for EFIAP. There is no stipulation as regards minimum number of prints, countries, or salons, but no results would count towards EFIAP/b until June 2018.
I said when I started this page At the rate I take photographs, and the rate I acheived awards on my way to EFIAP, the journey to EFAP/b is likely to take at least 4 years. Given that I will be 70 in 2019, there is no guarantee that this page will ever end with that award. I know many photographers who have all but given up photography due to ill health in the last few years including one exactly one year younger than myself.
In the event, Covid and my wife's illness made the journey even more difficult, and only an intensive effort in December 2021 allowed me to attain all of the goalposts - with the last needed award being announced on 1st. January 2022.

My first results were from the Pacific-Atlantic Circuit. The Atlantic Institute of Photography acepted "The Chessplayer", "Luna-Louise", "Natural or artificial", and "Modesty". Singapore and Greece salons both rejected all my pictures.
natural or artificial
the chessplayer

The Two Country Circuit of Serbia and Montenegro results arived and the results were a dissapointment. Novi Sad only accepted "Nude with Candles", as did Kula. Podgorica accepted "Luna-Louise", and Aleksinac accepted "The Chessplayer". Many of the others were close to the acceptance values.
Nude with Candles

The Balearic Circuit results were not encouaging. Mallorca accepted only "Peter" and "Luna-Louise" and the other two salons in the circuit rejected everything.

The MSM circuit (Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro) had only three acceptances. Cacak (Serbia) accepted "Just Droping in" and "Nude with Candles" and Perasto (Montenegro) accepted "Protection".
just droping in

South Devon accepted "Protection".

The DPW Summer Circuit results came in and all 4 salons accepted "Just Droping in". Novi Sad, Podgorica,and Kotor accepted "Hanging Around". Novi Sad accepted "Peter", Podgorica accepted "Nude with Candles", and Kotor accepted "Roped in".
Hanging around
roped in

The Welsh International accepted "Roped in"

Results came from the Vojvodina Circuit.
"Bathing au Naturel" was accepted in Kolasin and Kula.
"Chain Hood" was accepted in Kolasin, Kotor and Podgorica.
"Draped Nude" was accepted in Kotor.
"Protection" was accepted in Kolasin, Kotor, and Novi Sad.
"Ropework" was accepted in Kotor, Kula, and Podgorica.
"sitting on a rocky shore" was accepted in Kula and Podgorica.
Bathing au Naturel
Chain Hood
Draped Nude
sitting on a rocky shore

Results from ISO 2018 arrived on 10th October. "Reclining Nude", "Ropework", and "Nude descending Staircase" were accepted. "Nude descending staircase" was unused since it was taken in 2011.
Reclining Nude
Nude descending Staircase

Lisboa 2018 was judged a week before ISO 2018 but arrived after on 14th October. Titles accepted were :- "Hanging around", "Nude with Candles", "roped in", "Red and Gold", "The chessplayer", "Just Droping in", "Protection", and "Ropework".
Red and gold

The Olympic Circuit results arrived on 20th October and once again all my colour images were rejected. "Stand where you are" was accepted by the Apollo Salon, "Sitting on a Rocky shore " was acceped by The Zeus, Aphrodite and Apollo salons, and "Chain hood" was acepted by the Zeus Salon.
Stand where you are

The French Digital Tour results arrved on their web site on 4th December and I had only 2 acceptances. Bagnols sur Cze accepted "Protection" and Saint Aignan de Cramesnil accepted "The Chessplayer".

The results for exhibition "Canvas" in Montenegro came at the end of December and I had only one acceptance - "Hands and hair".
hands and hair

The NBPC (North Bengal Photo Club) salon accepted "Ropework" in their salon. A couple of other images missed by a point.

The Greek Circuit results arrived on 20th February. "Hands and Hair" was accepted at Crete and Mykonos, "In Flight" was accepted at Rhodes and Mykonos. "The Lost Chord" was accepted at Mykonos and "Protection" was accepted at Mykonos. "The lost chord" was taken on a second hand Olympus - which was as cheap a second hand camera including lens as I could find which would shoot RAW - just to show that you don't need an expensive camera to take a shot good enough to be accepted into an international exhibition.
In Flight
The Lost Chord

Portrait 2019 was another poor result with acceptances for "just droping in" from Zajecar, "Hands and Hair" from Vienna and Vidin and "Ropework" from Haifa.

Southampton International accepted "In Flight".

Boka Bay circuit results were very disappointing. I had entered many new images, and a couple of the images which has done reasonably in recent salons. None of the established images was accepted and only Perasto accepted any of my images. They accepted "Sweet Dreams" and "Daydreaming".
Sweet Dreams

"Moments" in Albania accepted "In flight".

The Scottish Salon accepted "In flight".

The Varna photo Salon accepted "In flight".

Results from the Jadran Circuit came on 20th May. All 5 salons accepted "Reclining together". Kotor also accepted "Suplicant", Budva accepted "Nude Self Portrait painter", Podgorica accepted "In Flight". amd Nilsic accepted "Flame in the dark".
Flame in the Dark
reclining together
nude self portrait painter

Results from the Salon Daguerre in Paris were disapointing considering that I had taken some pictures specifically for a theme they had (see nude self portrait above). However, they accepted "The passageway", which I had included to make up the numbers. It had been sitting unused on my hard drive since 2016.
the passageway

After a year since gaining the award of EFIAP, it is time to assess how I have done in my quest to go further.
Number of countries - easily surpassed.
Number of images - a little over half way. Reasonable given my previous record and on track for my goal of EFIAP/b in 2021 or 2022. However, three of my images are from past seasons, unused at the time of creation.
Number of acceptances - just about on track for getting the target of 200 in time for the end of 2020 - allowing application for EFIAP/b to be awarded in 2021.
Number of awards - here I am failing badly. At this rate I could be waiting forever.

On 5th June I had results from the Double half salon in India. "leap of Joy", "In flight", "Nudes Self Portrait painter" and "Reclining together" were all accepted.
Leap of joy

On 11th june I had results from Bardaf in Slovenia. "Just droping in" and "reclining together" were accepted.

On 10th July I checked the Jewels cuircuit. I had acceptances for "In Flight" from the diamond, ruby and Emerald salons, for "reclining together" from Diamond, Ruby and Saphire salons, and for "Nude Self Portrait painter" from the Saphire salon.

On 21st July (the date of judging no less!) I had results from the Midland Salon. "Flame in the dark" and "Reclining together" were accepted.

On August 12th (day after judging) I had word from "Sunflower 2019" in Czech republic had accepted "reclining together".

On August 14th The resilts were posted for "Beauty 2019". "Reclining together" scored 20/20 and was accepted (no award despite the score).

On 17th Sepetember Canytellis in Turkey accepted "In flight","Reclining Together","Supplication","Just Droping in ", and Leap of Joy".

On 19th September The Pacific-Atlantic cirsuit put it's results on the web and Greece accepted "Reclining Together" and "Supplication". USA accepted "Flame in the dark", "Reclining Together","Supplication", and "Protection". Singapore rejected everything.

On 1st November I found out that "reclining together" was the only image accepted by ISO 2019.

On 11th November results came back from the Nordic Circuit.
Norway accepted "In Flight", "Reclining together",and Supplication".
Finland accepted "Supplication","leap of Joy","Tattoos on Pedestal", and "The lost chord" (in Mono).
Sweden accepted "Hands and hair".
Denmark accepted "In Flight" and "reclining together".
tattoos on pedestal
the lost chord (Mono version)

On 17th November Smethwick accepted "Reclining together". Two other images missed out by a single point.

On 24th November the circuit "Babel" results for Ripollet (Spain) appeared on their web site, but not the other salons in the circuit. Ripolllet accepted "reclining together" and "In flight".
Kaerjeng in Luxemburg followed the next day with acceptances for "In flight" and "Kicking Back" (section happiness).
kicking back

Perpignan (France) accepted "Flame in the dark","reclining together", "In Flight", "Nude sef portrait painter", and "Kicking back".
Pallieter accepted "reclinging together" and "flame in the dark".

On 8th December results arrived from the French Digital tour.
In flight was accepted by Bagnois Marcoule.
Reclining together was accepted by Lege, St Aignan de Cramesnil, St Martin de Crau and Bagnois Marcoule.
Supplication was accepted by St Aignan de Cramesnil, St Martin de Crau and Bagnois Marcoule.
The Lost Chord was accepted by St Martin de Crau.

Bulgaria published the results on 19th December and my only acceted image was "Supplication".

The FKNS Winter Circuit results appeared on their web site on Boxing Day. Most of my entries were new images as I had decided not to submit images to the same country twice. "tattoos on pedestal" was accepted in Novi Sad, "Only a Rose" was accepted in Podgorica, "Dancing by myself" was accepted in Kolasin and Kotor, "Dark Beauty" was accepted in Kolasin and Aleksinac, "Nude sef portrait painter" was acepted in Kotor, "Daydreaming 2" was accepted in Aleksinac, and "Dark torso" was also accepted in Aleksinac.
Only a Rose
Dancing by myself
dark beauty
Daydreaming 2
Dark torso

On 28th December the results of Capodimonte appeared on their web site. Reclining together, Venus in Blue, and Dancing by myself were all accepted.
Venus in Blue

So, after a year and a half of entering exhibitions since gaining EFAIP, both number of images and number of acceptances are just short of 80% complete, but awards are proving elusive.
Noticed on 7th February that Lege awarded "Reclining together" a FIAP ribbon.

On 11th February the Holland International Image Circuit results arrived and I had only 2 acceptances, bith in Rijen. They were "Reclining Together" and "Dancing by Myself".

On 17th February I had results from the Iberian Circuit. These were almost all new images in an attempt to increase my images count.
salon 1 accepted "Black beauty" and "Like my Fedora".
Salon 2 accepted "two redheads"
Salon 3 accepted "Illyanna 2", "Pale Beauty" and "Two Redheads".
As most of these were images from shoots where I had originally chosen other images, having 5 new images accepted was a good result and the number of acceptances was about as good as I had dared to think likely.
black beauty
Illyanna 2
like my fedora
pale beauty
two redheads

Results from the Greek Circuit arrived on 26th February. "Dark beauty" was accepted in Crete,Santorini, and Mykonos. "tattoos on Pedestal" wa accepted in Mykonos. "Reclining together" and "Supplication" were both accepted in Crete, Mykonos, and Rhodos.

Results from Portrait 2020 were posted on their web site on 27th February. "Only a Rose" was accepted in Zajecar, "Daydreaming 2" was accepted in Haifa, "Another Rose" was accepted in Vienna and in Vidin, "Venus in Blue" was accepted in Vidin, "Supplication" was accepted in Vienna, and "Reclinig Together" was accepted in all 4 salons.
another rose

Results from Southampton Internetional arrived 8th march and the accepted "Flame in the Dark" and "reclining together".

Results from HPS ( a free to enter salon in Greece) appeared on their web site on 13th March and "Supplication" was accepted.

Results from Luna 2020 appeared on 15th March and only "Two redheads" was accepted.

Results from NSAPK circuit arrived on 29th March. Novi Sad accepted only "Illys back" and "Black Beauty" and Kotor only accepted "Human Triangle".
Illys back
human triangle

Results from MNE PBK circuit arrived on 5th April and only "Only a Rose" was accepted in Kotor.

Results from ZoomIn Circuit were up on their web site on 12th April. Arching backwards was accepted in Goa, Dancing by myself was accepted in Goa and Mumbai and Human triangle was accepted in Kolkuta.
arching backwards

Results from Europa 2020 arrived on 3rd May and they acepted "Flame in the dark" (edited version without the glow in the background caused by diffusion) and "Supplication".

Results from the APA circuit in India arrived on 9th May. "Supplication" and "Dancing by Myself" were accepted into the APA, Panoramic Art and Light Line salons and "Two Redheads" was accepted into the APA and Light Line salons.

Bardaf Spring Photo Salon came on 7th June and only "Supplication" was accepted.

On 25th June Varna photosalon accepted only "Two Redheads" although a few others were close to the acceptance values.

On 7th July the results from the Midland Salon were announced. I had acceptances for "Supplication", "closing in" and "Human Triangle". One of my other images which would have given me my 50 new images was one point short of acceptance.
closing in

On 8th July the results from the CIUDAD DE CEUTA in Spain were announced although they were judged a week before the Midlands salon. I had acceptances for "The lost Chord", and "The Leap". This got me my 50 new images count.
The Leap

On 16th July the results from Lisboa were posted and I had "Memories of a hot summer", "The Glassblower", "two redheads","Dark beauty","Supplication", "In Flight","Dancing by Myself",and "Human triangle" accepted.
Memories of a hot summer
The Glassblower

On 23rd July the results from The Jewels circuit were announced and "in the corner" , "closing in" and "human triangle" were accepted into the Emerald salon, "Reaching for glory" was accepted into the Diamond salon, and "Supplication" was accepted into the Saphite salon.
reaching for glory
in the corner

On 28th July the results from The Tour Circuit were announced and "Flame in the dark" and "Supplication" were accepted in Kula and Budva, with an HM in Kula and "Seulement nu" was also accepted in Budva. Kolasin accepted "alone in the wiids" ( a mis-type for woods).
seulement nu
alone in the wiids

On 30th August the results of the Quadra circuit in India were posted on their web site. "Closing in" was accepted by Picopixel, Pixel, and Full Frame salons. "Human Triangle" was accepted by the Pixel Salon. "Memories of a Hot Summer" was accepted by the Picopixel, Pixel and Paralax salons. "In the corner" was accepted at Pixel and Full Frame salons and "The Leap" was accepted in Picopixel and Pixel salons.

On 19th Octiober I had word from ISO 2020 that "Only a Rose", "Two Redheads", and "Human Triangle" had been accepetd.

On 30th October results from the Olympic Circuit arrived. I had acceptances for "Human Triangle" from the Hermes and Appolo salons and for "The Maidens and the moon" from the Zeus salon. The maides and the moon was also taken on the Olympus.
the maidens and the moon

On 13th October the results from Wojnicz in Poland came up on their web site. "Like my Fedora" and "Memories of a Hot Summer" were accepted. As "Like my Fedora" had only had one acceptance before it was almost as an afterthought that I had included it.

2020 was blighted by Coronavirus and lockdowns that closed all studios and made travelling inadvisable. The second half of the year's output were mostly old images from my archives that were initially not considered or reworks of images that had not done so well. This lack of new images had a negative effect on my moralle and I stopped entering salons towards the end of the year. 2021 will start with few opportunities but may present a chance for me to produce something new later on in the year.
On 1st March 2021 new criteria were introduced with more images, more countries, more awards required and no more than 5 acceptances to count for any one image. This sets me back considerably. Instead of nearly all criteria having been met, only the number of countries is nearly complete.
EDIT on 16th March the new criteria were withdrawn until 2022. So the figures in brackets in the tables at the base of the page might not apply if I could manage to get two more awards by the end of 2021. This was a big if considering that I needed a lot of new images.
On 1st March I had the results from the DPW SBM circuit, which I had entered before the changes to the FIAP criteria were announced. "Pale Beauty" was accepted in Serbia, "Like my Fedora" was accepted in Belgium and Montenegro, and "daydreaming" and "Memories of a hot Summer" were accepted in Montenegro. "Memories of a hot Summer" was it's sixth acceptance so would not count under the new rules.

On 16 July 2021 I had results from the Twilight Circuit and I had only one acceptance - River in the Exploring the light salon. These were all old images revisited and re-edited, but it was disappointing never the less.

I resumed taking photos after Covid at the end of September 2021 and entered images for exhibitions in October. ISO 2021 informed me that "My Gallery" had been accepted on 18th October. "My Gallery" has been edited considerably since entering that competition, so a better edit may come at a later date.
My Gallery

Results from the intercontinental circuit came back on 2nd November. Dominica accepted Bodyscape 1, Cuba accepted "Lying down", and Andora accepted "Excercise 1". Bodyscape 1 was the third image accepted taken with the Olympus.
bodyscape 1
Lying down
Excercise 1

Results from the Bay of Kotor on 15th November were disappointing, with "My Gallery" being the only acceptance in the Kotor salon.
My Gallery - newer version

On 20th December Tumba (North Macedonia) accepted "A Far Away Gaze".
A Far Away Gaze

On 28th Deceber Trofeu Pell accepted "Thoughts at Bedtime".
Thoughts at Bedtime

Also on 28th Deceber Results came from the Snowy Circuit. Perasto accepted "Show a Leg", "A sad Farewell","thoughts at bedtime",and "A Faraway Gaze". Mladost accepted "A Sad Farewell", "Thoughts at Bedtime" and "A Far Away Gaze" and awarded an Honorable Mention to "Thoughts at bedtime".
Show a Leg
A Sad Farewell

On 30th Deceber Results came from the S-Kadar salon in Montenegro. "Longing for the Return", "A Cozy Jumper"," A Sad Farewell",Thoughts at bedtime","A Far away Gaze",and "Portrait of a Redhead" were accepted. "A Cozy Jumper" was awarded a PSA Honorable Mention.
A Cozy Jumper
Longing for the Return
Portrait of a Redhead

On New Years day I recieved the result from the Frost Circuit in India. In salon 1 "Red Haired Beauty", "Longing for the Return", and "Biker Chic" were accepted and "Biker Chic" was awarded a certificate of Merit. In Selon 2 "A Sad Farewell" was accepted.
Red Haired Beauty
Biker Chic

On 14th january the exhibition Maxim Dimitrov in Russia accepted "A Far Away Gaze".

Criteria needed for EFIAP/b
Changes introduced in 2022 in brackets
Criterion (new criterion 2022) quantity to date criteria met date acheived
Number of countries 5(30) 33 100% (100%) 3/08/2018
Number of photographs 50 (100) 71 100% (71%) 8/7/2020
Number of awards from different salons in different countries 4 (5) 4 100% (60%) 1/1/22
Number of acceptances to international exhibitions 200 (250) 280 (188) 101% (75%) 3/05/2020